Who is behind the funny name?

Paul Storm is the driving creative force behind Luap Ink, and he is surrounded by very talented people.


Why the funny name?

When Paul started writing his name at age 3, he was dyslexic so he wrote "Paul" backwards which is "Luap". "Luap" became Paul's mother's pet name for him the rest of his life, including their final conversation just before pancreatic cancer took her life Christmas Day 2001. Paul's mom was and always will be one of the key creative forces in his life so the name "Luap" lives on in honor of her memory.


How do you pronounce the funny name?



Why does Luap Ink exist?

Luap Ink exists to be oxygen in a carbon dioxide world.


What does Luap Ink make?

Luap Ink creates products which enrich and inspire love, life, friendship, faith, well-being, and comfort. These products will include but not be limited to greeting cards, posters, prints, and gifts.



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