• When you need to express that special feeling, only Kare'n Cards can do that for you. There are moments in our lives that we should be quiet, sit & read & think about the words in these cards. Many times the art work on these cards touch our hearts and no words are necessary.

    Lindy French
    Coordinator-Boutique Services
    Regional Cancer Center


  • Everyone goes through situations where you don' t have the words to express how you feel. Kare' n Cards express those words for you! I experienced two significant losses and have had 4 sisters diagnosed with breast cancer. Kare' n Cards say what you need to say but don' t know how.

    Dani O. Wyoming, MI


  • Someone I love lost her 2 1/2 year old baby to a rare heart problem and I could not find words to comfort her. This week is the anniversary of that loss and I found a Kare'n Card that I feel will comfort her with words I could not express.
    I also know a young man, who is the son of one of my best friends. I picked out a Kare'n Card to give to her. She is unable to connect with him, but gave him this incredible card and he actually cried. I know he has a
    long road, but at least he is talking with her lately. That is a big, big step for them.

    V.B. West Palm Beach Florida.


  • I love to send cards to people. It gives me the opportunity to pray for individuals as I get the cards ready. Birthday and anniversary cards are relatively easy to find in boxes. But specialty cards that say just the right thing are hard to find. Kare'n cards fit that void

    Margie W. Bloomington, IL


  • Kare'n Cards express emotions that are not found in the normal card market. The tender words and beautiful pictures certainly help to heal.

    Russ N. Terre Haute, IN


  • Having lost my wife to cancer and being a cancer survivor myself, I wish Kare' n Cards had been around for me when I went through it all. It' s easy to see that Kare' n Cards are from the heart of a writer who has experienced what is being said.

    Cancer Survivor Troy, MI


  • A friend of mine lost her 42 year old son to brain cancer. I gave her a Kare' n Card, and she said it described exactly how she felt.

    C.W. Wichita Falls, TX


  • When I lost my wife, I received baskets of cards from wonderful people who supported me. When I compare those cards to Kare' n Cards, there is no comparison. Kare' n Cards express feelings that are almost beyond words, and they have the ability to shine even in the darkest times.

    David W. Bradenton, FL


  • Kare' n Cards truly speak for you, from the heart, when words just don' t come out right. They say the meaningful things that need to be said in a time of need. These are the kind of cards that will be looked back upon for years to come with lasting memories.

    D.T. Byron Center, MI


  • When I first saw the complete line of Kare'n Cards, at least a dozen of them made me think, "This would've been the perfect card for my grandma," or, "This would've been
    the perfect card for my grandpa," both of whom passed away mere months before I came across Kare'n Cards. I now know the first place to look when I need to say something important to someone: Kare'n Cards. They make it possible to say what I truly want to say.

    Pete M. Scottsdale, AZ


  • Kare'n Cards have a special emotional way to send a loving message to those who are going through difficulties such as a serious illness or the loss of a loved one, and they uplift, encourage, and give hope to individuals like no other cards found in stores today.
    I particularly love the treatment cards, the kids cards, and the sympathy cards for their inspirational messages that can brighten the life of someone in a unique way.

    R.S. Watseka, IL


  • Kare' n Cards catch my eye; lure me in with their words then deliver the powerful message that I feel in my heart, but could never so beautifully put into words.

    David L. Boston, MA


  • Finally....cards that truly express my feelings and concerns for those in my life affected by cancer and serious illnesses!

    Sandy B. Lowell, MI


  • Wow! That's Kare'n Cards summed up in one word. There's nothing else like them.

    Cristal Y. Long Beach, CA


  • I am so grateful for your talent and the passion you have to reach those who are in need and hurting. Through you and Kare'n Cards I was able to reach out to a long time client
    and friend who lost a young daughter. I wanted them to know that I care for them and that my heart breaks over their loss. Your card put those feeling to words in the way that only you can. Thank God for you and your mission.

    Ryan L. Grandville, MI


  • When you are picking a card out for someone you want it to not only say the right thing, but you also want it to touch that person in a very caring and personal way. The Kare'n cards do that. They don't just say things...they mean something.

    Tracy S. Peoria, IL


  • Every time I read Kare'n Cards they make me cry because they say what I really feel inside.

    Becky Z. Grand Rapids, MI


  • I have been purchasing cards for our bookstore for over 20 years and I have never seen anything like Kare'n Cards. They express what few people can put into words. I'm glad to have them in our current card line.

    L.R. Ft Myers, FL


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